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Coiled snake pulled from beneath Australian woman's car hood

May 16 (UPI) — An Australian woman had a snake removed from the engine compartment of her car after it crawled on her windshield while driving.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 shared video footage of a snake catcher removing the red-bellied black snake, which had settled itself underneath the hood.

“Red-bellied Black Snake gave a lady a massive fright whilst driving home from work the other day when it came up from under her engine and onto her windscreen wipers while she was driving down the highway!” Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said.

The snake had coiled itself around the latch used to raise the hood to its maximum height, so the snake catcher was forced to use a long metal hook to pry it from a small opening in the front of the vehicle.

After coaxing the snake out, the catcher managed to squeeze his fingers into the small opening to pull it out.

Once it was freed, the snake was placed into a large bag and the catcher said he would relocate it to “a nice creek.”

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