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Development of Textron's Fury glide munition completed

May 17 (UPI) — Development by Textron of its Fury precision-guided glide munition has been completed with a bang — its successful firing against moving targets.

A total of 13 test flights for the Fury weapon were conducted for a 23.8 flight hours between captive carriage, survey flights and 10 weapon releases from unmanned aircraft systems, according to Textron Systems Weapon & Sensor Systems.

Two of the tests were conducted with the company’s Shadow, a tactical UAS, from an altitude of 8,000 feet and a standoff range from the target of nearly a mile.

“Based on the results achieved during Fury flight testing, we are pleased with the development progress of the Fury lightweight precision guided munition,” said Weapon & Sensor Systems Senior Vice President and General Manager Brian Sinkiewicz.

Fury features a common interface that allows for rapid integration on multiple manned and unmanned platforms. It has tri-mode fuzing — impact, height of burst and delay — for engagement of a broad target set.

Guidance of the munition comes with a GPS-aided inertial navigation system with a Semi-Active Laser terminal guidance.

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