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Lost dog travels 100 miles from Iowa to Nebraska in 23 days

March 15 (UPI) — Animal rescuers said a dog that went missing in Iowa was captured 100 miles away in Nebraska after the several failed attempts at apprehension caused the canine to flee.

The Nebraska Humane Society said the dog, named Ivy, escaped from her home in Sioux City on Feb. 12 and traveled 100 miles to the Omaha area during her 23 days on the loose.


The humane society said multiple reported sightings of Ivy occurred during that time, but the dog would flee when people tried to approach her.

“Every day that a dog is out, it gets more scared,” Cathy Eaton, founder of Lost Pets of Omaha Area, told the Omaha World-Herald. “Each time another person calls out to it, it freaks her out a little bit more. … When a dog is lost, everything is strange to it.”

An Omaha resident who spotted Ivy wandering near their home contacted the Nebraska Humane Society and, with the help of an officer, was able to lure the dog into a garage with some food.

Rescuers said Ivy had lost 10 to 15 pounds while loose and ended up with one of her legs caught in her collar, causing it to become embedded in her armpit.

Ivy was treated for her injuries and is now recovering at home, the humane society said.

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