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Man wins $75,000 thanks to gas station’s lack of preferred lottery ticket

Nov. 16 (UPI) — A Tennessee man who won a $ 75,000 lottery prize in Kansas said he wouldn’t have bought the winning ticket if the store hadn’t been sold out of his preferred game.

Brien Fox told Kansas Lottery officials he was on his annual hunting trip to Kansas when he stopped at the Short Stop gas station in Garnett to buy a pair of scratch-off lottery tickets.


Fox said he had intended to purchase the $ 5 and $ 10 versions of the Holiday Lucky Times tickets, but he ended up buying a $ 10 Jewel Jackpot ticket after finding out the store was sold out of the $ 10 Holiday Lucky Times.

“I was pumping gas and started the scratching the ticket,” Fox said. “It eventually showed three diamonds to win the $ 75,000!”

The winner said the first thing he did was text his wife about his good luck.

“She was just shocked! She really didn’t believe it was real until I scanned it in the gas station where it told me I had to take it to Topeka,” he said.

Fox said the first thing he plans to do with his winnings is pay off the remaining balance on his student loans.

“I won’t even know what it’s like to not have a payment on those anymore. Anyone else could have won, so I’m just very grateful,” he said.

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