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North Carolina couple’s numbers win lottery jackpot after 26 years

Nov. 13 (UPI) — A North Carolina couple who have been using the same set of lottery numbers for 26 years learned the exact value of patience: $ 366,673.

Terry Coggeshall of Durham told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he and his wife have been dedicated players of the Cash 5 drawing, and they are committed to their numbers.


“These are my wife’s numbers that we’ve been playing for 26 years,” Coggeshall said. “We started playing them in Florida when we lived there.”

Coggeshall said he used those familiar numbers when he bought his Cash 5 ticket for Wednesday’s drawing at the Harris Teeter store in Chapel Hill.

Coggeshall said his wife was watching TV on Wednesday when the numbers were announced.

“I was in the La-Z-Boy as she was standing there watching,” he said. “And she started screaming. She goes, ‘I won, I won!’ And I go, ‘What?!'”

The couple said they had “gotten close a few times,” but Wednesday’s $ 366,673 prize is the first jackpot they have won with their lucky numbers.

“We never really thought that we’d get all of that,” the man said. “I can’t wait to see my wife’s face when she looks at the check.”

Coggeshall said the jackpot will allow the pair to live more comfortably.

“It takes a lot of stress off. It’ll be a good amount to put away to help with retirement,” he said.

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