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Softball players rescue iguana from Minnesota tree

May 17 (UPI) — A group of softball players in Minneapolis teamed up to rescue an escaped iguana that fled to the top of a neighborhood tree.

The video, filmed May 10, shows members of the team waiting on the ground while a player who scaled the tree attempts to snare the iguana in a blanket.

The attempt proves unsuccessful as the large lizard falls out of the tree, but another player is able to catch it and break its fall with a fishing net.

“We’re in Minnesota so iguanas can’t really survive outdoors when evening comes this early in the year, it gets too cold for them even in May,” the filmer wrote. “They can climb, but with the sun going down and so much commotion I don’t think it would have tried to climb back down, and even some exposure to lower temperatures can damage or kill a cold-blooded animal like that.”

The iguana was returned to its owner’s home, which the players said lives nearby the tree.

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