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USAF airmen in Materiel, Global Strike commands to collaborate

Oct. 12 (UPI) — The U.S. Air Force Materiel Command and Global Strike Command agreed to partner to better understand each other’s practices, the Air Force said on Monday.

The planned cooperation comes after the Materiel Command began a similar venture, the Lead Wing Collaboration, in January with the Air Combat Command.


A memorandum signed by Gen. Arnold W. Bunch Jr., AFMC commander, and Gen. Timothy M. Ray, AFGSC commander, seeks to develop deeper collaboration between the program offices and operational wings.

The partnerships are designed to create “a venue for acquisition and operational airmen to gain insight into each other’s communities, while creating a culture of continuous cooperation, collaboration and innovation,” an Air Force statement on Monday said.

The program puts an emphasis on opportunities for mutual exchange between lead wing and weapons systems teams, offering insight on missions and a better understanding of operational issues affecting acquisition programs and matters pertaining to the lifecycles of aircraft and other equipment.

“This collaboration is key to ensuring our airmen have the right weapons to accomplish our critical national defense mission,” Ray said. “Working with the AFMC teams will enable us to leverage our mutual expertise to deliver the warfighting power our Air Force needs to remain the best in the world. This program enhances the critical relationship between the acquisition and operational communities.”

AFMC personnel will participate in “biannual immersions” for insights on operational activities, and AFGSC airmen will learn more about lifecycle management and weapon system development, the statement added.

“This is a great opportunity to create enduring relationships between our AFMC and AFGSC Airmen,” Bunch said. “This is a way we can capitalize on the unique talents and expertise of our acquisition and operational Airman to better innovate and deliver what our Air Force needs to fly, fight and win into the future.”

The Lead Wing Collaboration Program was established in January, calling for “a new culture paradigm for the acquisition and operational communities, focused on improved communication and continuous collaboration,” an Air Force statement said at the time.

The program established a framework for bilateral immersions to create better understanding of the maintenance and operational requirements of weapons systems.

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