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Watch: Tom Hanks, Emily Blunt compare horseback mishaps

Jan. 7 (UPI) — BBC America released a new clip from Graham Norton‘s first show of 2021 featuring Tom Hanks and Emily Blunt. The Graham Norton Show “New Year’s Eve Special” airs Friday at 11 p.m. EDT.

Blunt was in the studio, socially distanced from Norton and fellow guest Jamie Dornan. Hanks appeared via Zoom as he compares experiences riding horses with Blunt.


Hanks rode a horse in the film News of the World. Blunt said she’s learning to ride for a six part miniseries she’s about to film, despite being allergic to horses.

“I’m going to be antihistamined up to my eyeballs,” Blunt said in the clip.

In News of the World, Hanks plays a former publisher who travels the frontier of 1870 reading newspapers to locals in each city. He said he became close with his horse, named Wimpy.

“I have a feeling that horses, honestly, they would much rather live in a world without human beings climbing on top of them,” Hanks said.

Blunt said her training has become harrowing after a horse named Rusty took off on his own with Blunt on his back.

“I couldn’t walk the next day,” Blunt said. “Rusty did me in.”

Norton also spoke with Jessica Chastain remotely for Friday’s episode.

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