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Watch: Wildlife trapper dons disguise to capture aggressive turkey

Oct. 23 (UPI) — An aggressive turkey that terrorized a California neighborhood for months was captured by a wildlife expert who disguised herself as an elderly woman to trick the foul fowl.

Gerald the turkey, a frequently sighted bird in Oakland who caused the city’s Morcom Rose Garden to be closed to visitors during the summer, was finally captured Thursday by Rebecca Dmytryk, director of Wildlife Emergency Services.


Dmytryk said she disguised herself as an old woman for the operation after Oakland Animal Services personnel reported that Gerald preferred to attack the frail and elderly.

“I baited him in with blueberries, kibble and sunflower seeds,” Dmytryk told KGO-TV. “Then my husband actually had to run down to the truck. So I was left alone with the turkey.”

Dmytryk said she baited Gerald into charging at her, giving her an opening to grab him by the scruff of his neck in a way that did not harm the bird.

Gerald was relocated to a wild area in the East Bay hills, Dmytryk said.

“After being at this for five months … to be on the other side and to know the turkey is now in a wild area, situated with other turkeys where he will be safe, it feels like the best possible outcome,” said Anne Dunn, director of Oakland Animal Services.

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